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"Need I tell you that is not my proper name?" from her tone she didn't seem displeased, only there was some type of understanding between them that what she knew about him was, not incomplete, but limited, that what she could now find out by merely looking at him could developed, and that his use of tone, although almost too familiar to her, could be made made into an intimacy they hadn't yet experienced together.
"I put it softly; when you weren't looking to see if I was watching you were you wondering if I knew how well you did.?"
      It is uncertain from the script given to the actor and actress as to whether the scene is an exterior or interior scene. In that the causality is derived from the two lovers being in dialog, there is a continuity and linearity that had not entirely belonged to earlier scenes, this being written only in the present tense, the motivation and unity of the scene hinging upon their conversation were it to be discernably advancing toward any type of closure.
     "They prevented me from filming-  not as svevere as Dalton Trumbo, whom I really was only aquainted with as an author from before I left home, but I'm restricted from filming again in their theater and or house of worship."
      "Sorry to hear that."
      "I'll try to pretend we knew each other well at the time. They went so far as to claim they own the building and its public or private performance at their discretion. The camera work can be replaced as being not enough experience in the particular location of with the particular webcam."
      "Not a regular camera?"
      "Not all that necessary."

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