lördag 9 oktober 2010

Eight Lesbian 20 year olds- Femme Theater

I arrived late- more truthfully, the most beuatiful angel appeared with her date and I couldn't help but decide on going. I saw her as we were leaving and she thanked me for holding the door for her. Should I tell her the truth; I like pixie short brown hair on thin small breast bodies, but that's where the lesbian aspect comes into play. Four young women were behind me coming down the stairs, so I let them pass ahead of me like a formation as we went down the stairs, only to have two more come in from behind me to close in, skipping happily as though I were going to give her a piggy back, which I thought of untill the next morning. I was in the balcony and on stage there was a ballerina recicting poetry about being a "femme", a "sapphist" and "former baby dyke" as I watched one of the others with her girlfriend. I was there to stare at the audience- twenty years old and lesbian. In my notebook, I quickly drew the girl in front of me and her bare shoulders, the arch of her thin back, as the lights went on.
[Because I live near the theater, I usually evesdrop and meet people after (like I did when I lived in sin, utter sin, in the art gallery and rock rehearsal studio. And when I lived in chastity next door to the ocar winning film director.)]
Ok. It was in the same theater that I met my film producer. Again, I have seen two poems filmed and there are ten slots in the anthology.

Love, Scott


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